Sugar Gliders Iowa Joey

Sugar Gliders

This is a new site to me, I will have more informations up soon... So please be patient! 

Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals, meaning they sleep during the day and come out at night. They love to play and get your attention, if you leave them alone for too long, they will turn into wild animals and won't be friendly anymore.
Make sure you have time and patience for them. It takes time for them to like(/bond to) you, well some of them. 
They will pee and poop on you, they can't help it. Its one of the first things that they do when they wake up. So some people use a special sweatshirt when playing with them, or stimulate them to pee and poop on a napkin, or let them do their job first and then hang out with them. Whatever floats your boat.

They bark at night if they feel they need attention or that there is a danger around. Cause if one of mine starts t bark, everyone else in the same room freezes. But I've also heard that they stop if you play with them. It sounds like a chihuahua's bark. (its cute!)
They make this loud "crabbing" sound, meaning they're scared and they're trying to scare you off, it's loud... for such a small thing!
They make a happy sound when they're eating. (nomnomnomnom :D)

Males have a bald head that is a scent gland, he use it to mark his joeys and wives. Sometimes territory too. He also has a scent gland around the belly, so he use that mark everything else.

You can't have 2 males together in the same cage unless they're neutered. 
For females, you can have as many as you want in the same cage.

It is better for the gliders and you to have more than one glider (get a pair). They get lonely without their kind. But if it's the right owner (who spends a lot of time with them) then they might be okay by them self. 
The reason why it's better for YOU is because you get the joy to watch them play with each other, which is funny and fun. I enjoy watching mine hop and play around. They do silly things.

Please do some research on sugar gliders before you decide it's the right pet for you. Baby sugar gliders are call joeys, they can't leave their parents until they're at least 8 weeks OOP (out of Pouch).
Sugar gliders are marsupials, so yes after the baby is born, it crawls up into mommy's pouch and attach to a nibble, from there it starts to grow. It will be classify out of pouch when it leaves the pouch. By then, it's eyes will be closed and it will have little fur.

I am a breeder, my gliders bless me with joeys every once in a while.
The reason why I don't have as many pairs as other breeders or have joeys more often is because I make sure my 2 pairs get the attention they need every night. To ensure fun and tamed joeys!

Here is the link to the BML diet recipe:

Sugar Gliders Iowa Joey